Sales Policies

We raise quality Holland Lop, Lionhead, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits for show and for pets.  We sell rabbits by appointment only and offer an informational session on learning what is involved in taking care of a rabbit before you buy from us in order to be sure you are ready for the commitment.  We hope that every bunny that leaves our Rabbitry will be going to its "forever" home, so teaching about the care and keeping of a bunny is very important.

You must be 18 years or older or have a parent involved in the purchase of a rabbit.  Rabbits can go home with you the 8th week after birth.

Prices And Purchase Instructions

Our prices start at $45.00 and go up from there depending on its quality for show, temperament, and etc.  A 50% deposit of the sale price is required at the time you choose your rabbit to be held.  Cash or PayPal is accepted for payment (customer accepts any PayPal fees).  After the deposit is successfully received your bunny is held for you. A confirmation e-mail is sent to all buyers confirming receipt of your deposit or payment in full.  If you do not receive the e-mailed confirmation please notify us immediately to ensure your bunny has been held for you. 

Pedigree Rabbit Documentation

All rabbits sold are pedigreed rabbits unless specified otherwise.  There are occasions where we will assist the community in placing a rabbit that does not have a forever home and those rabbits may not be pedigreed.  Upon pickup of your rabbit a full pedigree can be made available depending on show quality level.  The pedigrees are e-mailed.  This process includes assigning a tag number to the rabbit and placing a tattoo in the left ear (according to ARBA standards).

Return And Cancellation Policy

If you decide you do not want or cannot take your rabbit, we reserve the right to keep the deposit.  We will return your deposit if the rabbit you have on hold should become sick or if we feel that we made a mistake in our judgment of whether the buyer will be able to care for the animal properly. We reserve the right to cancel a hold and return the deposit at any time with good reason. Returns are considered on a case by case basis but please contact us toward an appointment before arriving at the Rabbitry so we can be prepared for arrivals. 

Thank you and we look forward to helping you with your rabbit!